Daniel Mehlhart - Origami

Daniel Mehlhart, a young producer with just 22 years old, with plenty of works edited by labels like Karmarouge, Neuton or even FOEM CREMA, presents a record, for the first time, on Kindisch. Origami is an original name to a disc dedicated to melodic minimal, something that goes through his career. "Origami" has a small melodic essence, pretty oriental. "Alles klar Alles easy" doesn't miss the rule on the small melodic particles, but this music is much more worked in terms of development and growth step by step. Times well defined, with an excellent break doing the natural recycling of the music "Fata Morgana" gives an incredible will to balance, cause of it's intermittent cranky percussions. One African connection noticed through the music by a minimal vocal and it's own tribal waves." Nebelschwaved"(digital only) will certainly be listened at all those dancefloors around the world. Well developed, melody always involved, excellent to a full sun morning!

Label: Kindisch
Catalog#: KD 017

a1 - origami
- alles klar alles easy
- fata morgana
digital track
- nebelschwaved

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