Quenum - Vault Elements

The French Philippe Quenum has released over 70 records during his 10 years as a producer. He also is one of the founders of Num Records - considered by many one of the best labels in this kind of music. Although I never posted anything from him, I always follow his productions and he is one the guys that I most respect. In his first release of 2008 he presents us an unique piece of simplicity and good taste. The Ep starts with "Lousiane", a 2 minutes track where he explores different experimental environments. Than the show really starts with the awesome "Venice After The Rain"! This piece of art starts very gently with a deep bass and some sweet chords and it goes on and on always in a peaceful tone. As the name suggests, it fits perfectly to a Rainy day... it's a bit sad in the beginning but in the middle of the music the moods change and it develops to a groovier side. Great music! Next the disturbed "Vault Elements" presents us a different state of mind, with minimalism signs all over it - dry beat, weird chords, perfect constructions and a great rhythm. This will make wonders in the dancefloors. The music has also a 4th track - Mokossa - that is only available in Digital Format. I listened it and I can tell you that it's also a very nice club groove, but not what he like here in minimaland Vault Elements was released on Thema, label based in New York. If you are a music lover and like to listen some of best old school techno producers you can't miss this Ep.

a1 - Lousiane
a2 - Venice After The Rain
b1 - Vaul Elements

Rls Date: 03.08.2008

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