Easy Changes - Magic Tunes Ep

Getting down to basics again i present to you Easy Changes :) When i saw it was a FoundSound release i knew it had to be good. But i wasn't expecting so much from this one. Sil and Denis Guttersnipe aka Easy Changes of Moscow, Russia began producing minimal techno in 2005 and after two netreleases this is possibly their 1st great achieve. All the three tracks are great presenting a great knowledge of how to do simple and top music. "Hungry Wood" is a nice dark tune and "Eggplant 04" presents a smoother minimal track. My favourite of this release is "Magic Tunes" beggining with a stroke of powerfull bass and then leading it through a great journey of what the best you can have in this kind of music. Just going and going through it's 8 minutes of unexpected pleasures. Great release, don't miss this magical tunes.

a1 - Magic Tunes
b1 - Hungry Wood
b2 - Eggplant 04

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