Starbug - Hummelbar

Starbug is the (recent) project that I suggest to our readers today. I have few info’s on this one, I read they are the new hot stuff from one of the hidden champs of the Rhein-Main-Area on the recent electronic circuit. They might be hidden but they have been doing some great productions and all of them have been released on their own label - Starbugs Recordings. This Ep is their 6th release and has already been supported by producers like Luciano, Villalobos, Dan Curtin, Barem and Matt Star, among others. It’s really a cool tech minimal project with some stylish tribal tendencies. “Hummelbar” is composed by three flavored club tunes. a1 track is a massive one, with some great basslines around a deep tribal construction that shows all the quality that this guys have. Next it’s “Reine Nervensache” - b1 - that shows up… a perfect tool to every Dj with a quite good rhythm, some low level synths and a somehow neurotic construction. The last track is “Zoink” and I must say that it’s quite a way to end this Ep. I immediately fell in love for this one… the construction goes step by step, the beat is very good and the bassline huge. Pumpy, highly detailed, minimal techno cuts that will have a massive effect on the dancefloors.
Brilliant, seductive minimal project with all the inputs to be one of the best in the scene! We expect a great future to this Starbug releases. Not to loose out of sight!

a1 - Hummelbar
b1 - Reine Nervensache
b2 - Zoink

Rls Date: 17.11.2008

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