Delete & Colmenares - Sirve?

Sirve? Ep is a collaboration between Venezuelan producers Sergio Muñoz a.k.a Delete & his friend Miguel Colmenares. Both artists got together for a couple of sessions in the concrete jungle that is Caracas and the result was a weird but groovy collection of sounds showings us the best Latin flavors of the mnml market. If you know Delete from previous works you might remind some weird disturbed sounds like Frankie and that kind of genre… this Ep is not about that kind of music, it’s softer, turned up to minimal patterns, just as we like it. “Si sirve” is a shuffled-groove track with many different elements that somehow fit together, this reminds me a lot Ricardo Villalobos tracks presented in his 2004 album Thé Au Harem D’Archimède. “No sirve” on the other hand is a straighter track with a strong analogue feel. “Si sirve” gets the remix treatment by Easy Changes - one of our favorites - who offer a straight-up dancefloor approach that slowly builds into a massive groove, the construction of the track is purely amazing, straight minimal roots while pompelmoessap deliver a big room concoction of their own for those in need of a darker version of the original - our fav track of the Ep. rounding up the release is a final remix on the experimental tip with quit quite quick’s rendition of “si sirve”. Minimaland recommends it to all the fans of Villalobos productions! Released on Produkt Schallplatten

01. Si Sirve (Original Mix)
02. No Sirve (Original Mix)
03. Si Sirve (Easy Changes Remix)
04. Si Sirve (Pampelmoessap Remix)

Rls Date: 16.11.2008

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