Paul Brtschitsch & Cio D'or - Aroma Ep

Paul Brtschitsch is a Berlin resident and has been producing since 1997. He is one of those genuine German producers that we so much appreciate! He had some great releases during the past years, most of them on Frisbee Tracks, one of the greatest labels ever in this kind of music.
In this release he teamed up with Cio D’or, a young talent that has already had some references in our blog due to some nice productions. Her first steps in music were playing congas in a jazz band at 17, from there she started to develop a refined taste in music and soon she appeared among the German techno scene. From there on she became one of Germany finest Djs and now she has been showing some production skills.
Aroma Ep - released on Broque - shows all their skills. This release presents some of the finest music i listened for a while. It starts with “Safran”, a pure underground track with that kind of rhythm that can’t make you stop, the bassline is up to level and the neurotic synths in the back makes it perfect. Also a reference to the construction, the sounds keep entering in the right place, just adding more and more to it. Amazing performance! Next “Ginger” appears showing up another kind of flow. This one turns up to deep roots chilling out the moods. Its a nice tune, turns well on sunny morning flavours. Ending up there’s sort of an experimental track - “kurkuma”- with three minutes, a spooky one perfect to a soundtrack.
Highly recommended.

1 - Safran
2 - Ginger
3 - Kurkuma

Rls Date: 03.11.2008

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