Kreon - Jack Ep

The German label Cecille Numbers is back! In their 4th release they bring back Markos Spanoudakis aka Kreon, one of the producers of the year. The Greek shows once again a pack of groovy productions with 3 tracks made to delight us all.
The Ep starts with Jauce, a very funky track with a stunning shaking beat and some vocals that will turn the dancefloor crazy! It’s definitely a track turned up to sexy deep house flavors but somehow, it would adapt just fine to a morning minimal party! In the b side we have “Clorpe”, this time with the kind of rhythm that we support here in minimaland! A deep track build up step by step, with the different elements appearing one by one in the proper time. This is the kind of groove that we are in to, so it’s easily our favorite track of the Ep. To end this sweet release we have “Just Jack” with some sassy soul vocals and a great bassline beat, a house tune, once again, turned to morning party’s. It’s a nice shake but it doesn’t properly fit in minimaland patterns!
Despite the house convergence, we can’t say that this is a bad release… the level of production is well above the average and the kind of productions is somehow different and tasty! “Clorpe” is the most shiniest track of the Ep, full support!

a1 - Jauce
b1 - Clorpe
b2 - Just Jack

Rls Date: 10.11.2008


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