Gregorythme - Square Roots Ep

From the legendary Cadenza duo Digitaline comes this Swiss producer Gregorythme. In his second release this year and debuting for Minimood (Berlin/Lausanne based label) he shows an irresistible minimality on his grooves that we had to support! The Ep has two original tracks and a remix performed by Tokyo based So Inagawa.
Square Roots Ep starts with “Besides B-sides”, a track that we can connect to what Digitaline normaly does. The beat, drums and the fabulous Chords are very Cadenza like! It’s a fantastic minimal installment track that will acid you up in the dancefloor. Next So Inagawa shows up to deliver a trippy tech-house remix… it’s also a great groovy track with an insistent percussion and some great bassline getting along with a neurotic organ that will make your mind fly into another state of consciousness. This guy is one of Minimood’s permanent artists, he is making top productions, and this remix is the greatest example of that fact! Lastly, b2 track, the original “So Low in Oslo” is the shiniest piece of this Ep. It’s also another deep minimal turn-on, reminding me a lot Villalobo’s epic productions! ” dripping with sleazy laziness this track is a shuffling monster of maxed-out understatement. as bewildering as it is brilliant, this is another fine example of MINIMOOD’s ability to push, produce and bend the boundaries of today’s scene.”
A must have to all-minimal supporters, to be release in the first days of December.

a1. besides b-sides
b1. so slow in oslo (so inagawa’s too fast in tokyo remix)
b2. so slow in oslo

Rls Date: 1.12.2008


minimeter said...

how download this ep?

hugo said...

we don't share illegal stuff

buy it if you like it

out in december

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