Mathias Kaden - Moron

Mathias Kaden is back to Vakant records, a German Berlin based label for minimal techno run by Alex Knoblauch and Stephan Bolch, one of our favorites. In his first release this year for them he shined up with two long length minimal tracks, huge bombs I must say! In the a-side you will listen “Moron”, a great turn-on reminding me some productions of Mr. Villalobos - the bass variances are wicked and the rhythm is perfect to dance. It’s really a brilliant construction, showing us why he has such great reputation among the techno mnml scene. B side presents “Shetani” clearly going to deeper spaces. The beat is not as pumpy as the first, going through a deep construction! Once again, Kaden bets on worked bass variances (maybe he has been listening Villa, no?)! When the beat starts to uprise and then going down you’ll get a great different feeling about this! It’s really a worked Ep, with tracks that don’t bet on fashionable music, it’s just the deepest minimal you can have, with the kind of rhythms that can be only listened in the best guys of the scene! Kaden is definitely one of the greatest producers among this kind of music, one of the greatest Vakant bets! Huge EP!

a1 - Moron
b1 - Shetani

Rls Date: 03.11.2008

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