Philip Flindt - Or Wha

It took me a long time to decide what to post here… the releases this week weren’t that great but, fortunately this EP came up, it’s easily the best think i listened in the last days. I didn’t knew the producer yet but after a small search I can tell you that Philip Flindt is a Copenhagen - Denmark - based producer and this is his 2nd release. Both have been brought up by Freunde Tontraeger, a very promising label! The released is composed by one original track “Or Wha” and two remixes featuring Monoroom and Nils Nilson, two guys that know what techno music is all about!
The original is a grooving minimal track with a powerful bassline and lots of energy to full-fill the crowd’s expectations. The emotions just keep going high and low during it. It’s a top production full of quality moments. Nils Nilson remix is also a great one, building a step-by-step track with all the sounds entering one by one, in the right time… it improves a lot the first one, giving it a greater minimal flavor. Last but not the least we have Monoroom’s work, turning the original completely upside down! This is a great approach to the track, Frank Nova & Oliver Schleenvoigt used their normal deep lines to built a rather minimal installment, the rhythm is the best you can have in this kind of music! The pace is awesome, the horns were excused! Release nr 7 on Freunde Tontraeger, another must have to all musical collectors.

a1 - Or Wha (Original)
a2 - Or Wha (Nils Nilson rmx)
b1 - Or Wha (Monoroom rmx)

Rls Date: 03.12.2008

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