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Exercise One (Marco Freivogel & Ingo Gansera) are not newbies here in the minimal land. We’ve posted great releases from them like Debaya, Dark Star, Intensity, or Oi Oi London this is Kreuzberg… We really don’t want to review always the same producers, but sometimes, when the quality they generate is so good it’s really difficult for us to avoid that fact and don’t feel tempted to review another release from them.
This is exactly what happens with All Out Ep, on Lan Muzic, label run by themselves and founded in 2005 with Kitchentools Ep (Lan001). Anja Schneider (runs mobilee) supported the project on her Radio Fritz Show and then it was only a step untill invite them to release Steady Pulse Ep. After that I think the history of them is pretty well known. Some releases on Mobilee, Exone and their own Lan Muzic.
Exercise One is known also by their live performances, that have been acclaimed in liveset’s like Mobilee pre-sonar showcase in 2006. Their live performances are focused on spontaneity and improvisation which leads them to hypnotic basslines and twisted sequences.
All out is a great track, filled of senses and progressive chains interconnected trough all the frequencies of the track spectrum. A little bit progressive, goes from a start to an end adding and quitting samples and feelings with determination, what looking at track’s name makes some sense. They seem to put all out till the end of the track. It’s not really hard electronic, but its undoubtly one of the hardest tracks I’ve heard from Exercise One and still having their own fingerprint.
Parasol it’s a LP (Long-Play). The cadence and the real simple sound connections are the rule here. It’s thirteen minutes of good mood, sound exploration and musical tricks, upgraded at minute three with sounds and a new body. Everything at this point seems a little bit lost for some few moments, searching a new identity. Everything fits? So, lets go, continue the good mood! A relaxed one, to face different states of mind with simplicity. Cadence, exploration, groove and a good vibe are the keywords in this production.

Release Date: 06 October 2008 | #Catalog: LAN017

Release Info (pdf)

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