Marc Antona - Simple Venus

Following works realized by Sebo K, Marcin Czubala and Gummihz, Mobilee Records present us this extraordinary, deeply worked, vinyl. Marc Antona has previously took presence in labels like Micro-fibres, freak n chic and also Sender Records - label in witch he show us a magnificent work named Blind tested. In this new work composed by two tracks he is able to transfer an enormous power and energy, maybe inspired in his Sender 073. One of them - Simple Venus - is gathered by a constant click of two weird tones, starting with an accelerated rhythm, then a pause followed by it’s natural recycling. It’s excellent for a brain wash during a critical mind state. In the flipside of the ep it’s a well more powerful “Give me flowers” applying new situations in the right time managing to enter in the same patterns of the first track with the so called “natural recycling after the break”. It also has a great bassline composed by two distinguishable moments making the track very accessible to the dancefloor, you will start to dance and don’t even know it!

Label: Mobilee
Catalog#:mobilee 044

a - simple venus
b - give me flowers

Rls Date: 26.10.2008


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