Johnny D - Requiem of a Dream Ep

Johnny DAfter some releases on Oslo Label and a mixed cd for cocoon (disco invaders - cocoon ibiza summer mix), Johnny D (Johannes Debese), strokes now on 8 bit records, label run by Nick Curly and Gorge (Nick Curly also runs Cécille together with Marc S), based in Mannheim, Germany.
This Ep, "Requiem of a Dream", appears as a delight to our ears. The first track, "Requiem of a Dream", starts very gentle with a background violin sound almost unperceptible. As the medium harmony make their intrincated games, a new bass appears and the music keeps growing in a progressive way till the moment the violin sound appears with a new evolution, as the registry maintains the same, this is minimalism!... Keeps going in a beautiful way, new sounds added, but the main record mantains the same. This, gentleman's, is 8 minutes of pure delight...
The second track, "Scope of mind", starts a little more bassed, but the formula is the same. Great under construction, every bpm space very filled without a lot of samples. It seems simple and easy, but it's not. Nowadays some artists add a lot of things to a track, and that's not minimalism, it's more confusionism,lol. Johnny D haves a word to say on that, appears to be the message underneath this Ep.
Great harmony powered by great bass chains in a very progressive well structured final result appears to me as the best description for this Ep. Not heavy, but heaven :)
Supported already by names like Nick Curly, Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice among others...

a1 - Requiem of a Dream 08:11
- Scope of Mind 06:42

Release Date: 08/10/2008
Catalogue: #8bit015

Listen to it here! or Here!

Available on: www.beatport.com

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Brilliant stuff

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