Rauwkost - Trump It

Today we present you two very talented producers from the Netherlands - Floris Regoort & Jasper Lowik are the duo behind Rauwkost. They couldn’t have a better debut, this Ep released on ThirtyOneTwenty has been played in sets of known Djs like Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, 2000 and One, Karotte, Anthony Collins, Shinedoe and Andre Crom among others. In fact this is a special Ep, one of the bests i listened during this last months, all the tracks show a particular refined production of fresh new sounds, dancefloor killers.
To start the Ep you have the pumping “Trump It”, a massive production with a very nice rhythm and awesome breaks followed by groovy euphoric moments. I guarantee that this one will be tarring apart the crowds, it’s the kind of track that is able to raise up the moods and expectations of any dancefloor ambience. On the flipside we have a different kind of track, the oriental flavoured “1 Nacht In Duizenden” it’s not as groovy as the first one, betting more on a dark underground environment with a rude dry beat and a subtle growing construction, just as we like it here in Minimaland. “Unsere Liebe” ends up the Ep in the perfect way. I’d say that the first two tracks were some of the best productions I listened this year… this third is goes even further, this is a non-stopping, high pace, tech house bomb that promises to raise up the temperature and cause a massive stroke in all of you - not advisable to people with a heart condition!
This promising duo have done three very different tracks, all of them top quality, already showing a know how and passion for music above the average. It’s definitely one of the best releases I listened this year. We will be waiting for their next work that will be released on Kompass Music - KOMPA014 - “The Green Jacket EP”.

a1 - Trump It
b1 - 1 Nacht In Duizenden
b2 - Unsere Liebe

Rls Date: 08.09.2008

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