Kleep - Formula One / Muppet Ride

We present you Leep, the latest project of the Finnish-born Sami Liuski. We is a well known artist from previous projects like Bangkok Impact and Putsch'79. It's the second ep released under the new name by the musician and they have both been released on Klang Elektronik with great success! Sami recently moved to Berlin and has been exposed to more minimal and techno surroundings receiving the proper influences to turn himself a true producer. His tracks are all about minimalist pumpy basslines, neurotic melodies, dry kickdrums and heavy acid percussion as you may notice in "Formula One", presented on the a side - excellent track. His style is completely suitable to German normal patterns and his music is perfect to enhance the dancefloor feelings. In the flipside there's another perfectly executed track. This one has a more aggressive rhythm and a nice tripped constructions with lots of neurotic variances. They are both great grooves and will be a nice add-on to everyone's collection. Kleep proved to be a great newcomer in the scene, we'll be paying attention to his next releases.

a1 - Formula One
b1 - Muppet Ride

Rls Date: 08.09.2008


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