Va - Death Is nothing to fear

Amazing release by Spectral Sound. Audion aka Matthew Dear has done a tremendous job in this one. It contains so many ups and downs, so many feelings, thoughts that can't be described, you have to listen it! Surelly one of my favorites, it leads me through high frequency paths... It's name "I Gave You Away" is quite sugestive... Disturbed track, neurotic type. Recommended to angry people... the kind of people that give things away without seing all the circle and than don't know why it happened like that! Perfect in all it's ways, 12 minutes track... just going and going! The rest of the album is ok, the bodycode - swedish guy i think - track countains nice dark arguments and Par Grindvik presents a shaky music to the EP. Audion is the key of this release...

a1 - Audion - I Gave You Away
b1 - Par Grindvik - Casion
b2 - Bodycode - Exciting Ride


Nuno said...

"bodycode - swedish guy i think"

south african, a viver em lisboa

hugo said...

completamente ao lado... :)

Nuno said...

o sueco é o par grindvik. aliás o curioso é que no press-release da editora o bodycode até é apresentado como representante de portugal.

enfim ... fait-divers.

agora aproveito mas é para vos agradecer o blog.
sou maior fã. :)

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