Lexy - The Last Days of The Glow Worms

In the past few days I received this sweet release produced by Lexy a.k.a. Alexander Gerlach and in fact it's one of the nicest things i've listened in a while! This might be considered as the highest step that this German producer took in his career as a producer. Areal is one of the most considered labels in the scene where expectations are always very high! The Last Days Of the Glowworm doesn't let it down, it has two fabulous tracks that you like for sure. In the a side you can count on a great music that will shake the dancefloors. Build step by step, everything seems to enter gently into the music to create an unique environment. A monster track, perfect to shake things up in a open air party! In the B side, more of the same... Berlin style all the way in a track that can makes us remember Superpitcher's best productions. Lexy is on the right way... I will be waiting for his upcoming releases. Another bet won on Areal Records. To be released in the beginning of August, be aware and don't miss it!

The story of the Glowworm:
"it really did look a bit weird: a huge, red tower consisting
of billions of blazing red glow worms and all this happening right in
the middle of Berlin-Kreuzberg. When you got closer to this tower,
you were lulled in the ear-deafening buzzing from the exhilarated
little animals. The longer the tower was buzzing passively
however, the more nervous the people of Berlin became. After all,
this absurd natural phenomenon must mean something. Experts
were helpless, the people of Berlin confused, religious fanatics
from all over the world in uproar. But the only thing people could do
was waiting to see what was going to happen."

a1. The Last Days Of The Glow Worms

b1. The Return Of The Skakavac

Rls Date: 04.08.2008

AREAL #049

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