Tom Ellis - Twaddle EP

To me, he is one of the revelations of 2008 besides his already vast curriculum as a producer. A musical genre pretty minimal/deep, very dense, united by a universe of particles, all of them getting to the floor without any abnormality, with very little highs and lows. After a "Club Soda" released by Minibar, disc on what i acknowledge the great talent of this producer and became in love with it, it comes now this "Twaddle" launched by Floppy Funk, a house of great value and well known of Tom Ellis. Composed by 4 musics all of them with good quality. "Bad Son", one of my favorites, marked by its fabulous growth and the necessary pauses very well placed. "Zone On" is weirdly strange, and its well followed by a soul-jazz loop and a deaf vocal. "Babseyish" has a great rhythm, with long and good pauses and the respective and wonderfull entrance. The loud noises are very well placed too. To end this one is "skip the skitz" wich is perfect to a real club with all the minimalism required to it's real satisfaction.

Label: Floppy Funk
Catalog#: floppy 17

a1 - bad son
a2 - zone on
b1 - babseyish
b2 - skip the skitz

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