Demir & Seymen - Chiclown

This is the debut Ep of the German Demir and the Turkish Seymen as producers. They know each other for a long time and both have had single projects ... but it was together that they managed to perform a very impressive album, released on Highgrade Records Digital - another won bet on this huge label. The album has three pleasant musics where the main guns are "Chiclown" and "Code 1903". The first one is that kind of pumpy minimal that we like so much to listen... a music full of rhythm - huge beat - with a grow path that can only uprise our moods. Than "Code 1903" shows another side of this guys, more dark and mysterious. The beat is even more powerful and the music is build step by step with the main ingredients entering one by one... I can't stop listening this one. Finally "Sunou" shows up to ease up the feelings... it's also a perfectly produced music, more quiet, dub style, but very very good. They show a perfect know how of music, how to make it and pass the message. It's an hot bomb from two hot producers in a very hot label! You can't miss it!

1 - Chiclown
2 - Code 1903
3 - Sunou

Rls Date: 08.07.2008

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