Johannes Heil & Extrawelt & Gregor Tresher - The Double Feature

When i saw that this three German artists united to make an album i couldn’t let it pass by… The Double Feature includes two fabulous track where Johannes Heil teams up in the first with Extrawelt and in the other with Gregor Tresher. Let’s start from the beginning with “Erdbeerfeld”… 12 minutes of an amazing journey through the most delicate sounds that this kind of music can prove i This music is so well created that will make wonders in the dancefloors. The amount of things that you can feel during it its incredible, not to miss!
In the B side theres another kind of music, most enhanced with power but as well produced as the first one. It’s like if Heil was adapting to what Gregor Tresher normally does, building it step by step uniting perfectly all the ingredients that we like so much in this kind of minimal. “E” is a minimal tripped groovy track. It would fit perfectly in a set just right after “Erdbeerfeld”.
All I can say to you is that this Ep is unique cause it gathers two styles in the same genre of music… and it’s just not regular music, it’s done by some of the best producers of the world! I liked it a lot, hope you do to. Released on Metatron.

a1 - Erdbeerfeld
b1 - E

Rls Date: 19.06.2008
MTR #003

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joakimR said...

Erdbeerfeld is wow!!

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