Phil Kieran - Wasps Under A Toy Boat

If you’re looking for wicked music that will drive you, or your crowd, insane here is the answer to your problems. Phil Kieran’s second Ep on Cocoon Recordings presents a strong music path, full of neurotic moments and massive constructions. This guy from Belfast has been in the scene for a long time and knows what he is doing.. this is the perfect example of it. “Wasps Under a Toy Beat” in the A side is a major techno trip with great breaks completed always by disturbed growing patterns. This is a music to raise the people’s mood to dance, maybe it will be hard to enter in your mind, but once it gets there it will stick to you madly. If you think this is heavy stuff wait until you listen “Tartan Paint”. This music starts and you think that it drives you nowhere.. but it’s not like that, suddenly things start to make sense and all those strange noises couple into a mad dark minimal track. Once it gets step by step, with things in the right place it won’t stop no more. This is a hard Ep, it won’t fulfill all of our readers tastes… but some will like, and that’s the point of showing this to you!

a1 - Wasps Under A Toy Beat
b1 - Tartan Paint

Release Date: 23.06.2008
Cor 12 #049


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Aleks@Louis Armstrong video said...

Nice blog. I have added it to my favourites, greetings. I love this great Louis_Armstrong song -
What a Wonderful World

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