Gabriel Ananda - Endlich 17

Today Gabriel Ananda is doing a live gig here in Portugal at Anti-Pop music festival... so it's a very nice day to show something new from him. This guy doesn't need no presentation, he is well known through out the scene... and this Ep from the Deutsch is one of the best i heard from him lately! Endlich 17 contains two very pleasant different musics, showing two sides of this awesome producer. The a side is a very well produced track, the disturbed piano along the beat does it for me... but i can't say that this one will produce a dancefloor madness. What i can say is that the second music will completely push the feelings up to the crowd. "Rattamahatta" starts with a superb reverbed bassline and a construction step by step just as we like it. It goes pushing you through the limites... over and over! I hope he will play it tonight, it will surely rise the moods! For those who don't know this Ep, it's time to take a look, specially the second music, it's one of a kind :) Released on Platzhirsch Schallplatten.

a1 - Mahatma Regatta
b1 - Rattamahatta

Rls Date: 03.07.2008

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