Kreon - Gagnant Ep

Since “Lookoshere” - release 19 on Resopal red series - that I been following the great careers of Lemos and Kreon and their unique form of producing. So this time the Greek Markos Spanoudakis worked alone… but the level of music stills the same.
It was an important element to see… what kind of music would Kreon or Lemos produce when they where on their own. What i can say to you is simple: Both continued to do amazing things, never forgetting their solid bases of jazz themes in deep organic beats!
Gagnant is another peace of art with three major musics all able to delight the dancefloor demands. “Fuente”, the first track, has a spectacular bass line and nice neurotic piano notes in the back following the beat through the development of the music. It’s in fact a great music, where his jazz influences are well noticed. You will see that this could only be Kreon… or Lemos. “Tromarasou” follows the good taste of the first, this one has a more pumpy rhythm but the heart of the music stills the same, very passionate. Last, but not the least we have “Momento” flying trough great electronic synth lines between a deep calm construction where the elements enter, one by one… nice to the late hours of the afternoon!
Kreon is a major fresh air in the entire scene, i’m glad something like this appears every now and then. Released on Resopal, on their red series… a must have!

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Rls Date: 30.06.2008


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