Peter Grummich - Switch Off The Soap Opera

Format: 2xLp
Label: Shitkatapult
Catalog: Strike 061
Style: Techno Minimal

a1 - Incoming (There's no way out) (5:17)

a2 - Orange moon (4:57)
b1 - A roboter (5:38)
b2 - The Animal (6:38)
c1 - Switch Off The Soap Opera (5:24)
c2 - Joy da Silence (5:27)
d1 - Camp Tipsy (5:41)
d2 - Bread & Butter (7:08)

From one of my favourite producers who so brilliantly remixed Matthew Dear - It's Over now, this new lp it's all we can hope for! A great album from a skillfull guy that's been deejaying for almost twenty years.
"This 12-track album isn't meant to be played at a rave. It just isn't that type of album. Instead, it seems like Grummich wants his audience to strap on some headphones, throw this album in and just let the sounds fall into their ears - without any other message or direction than what they conceive in their own minds. He's the musical equivalent of one of those shrinks who hold up cards with funny ink blot images on them and asks how they make you feel. "
Techno minimal in subtle finger prints!

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