Kreon and Lemos - Lookooshere

Resopal Red series are back, this time with something completely different. They brought Markos Spanoudakis - Kreon - and George Laimos - Lemos - to their cabins and they managed it pretty good. A side presents the most deep solid music made by these Greek guys. The amazing piano in the track is capable to bring you the most exquisite nostalgic feelings you can imagine. A weird track, but very very pretty. "Lyly Peeptoes" in the b side reminds me those great Saint Germain tracks. Jazzy deep house at it's best perfect to be listened in Luciano or Ricardo Villalobos set's. "Stalega" is also a great groove with a fine percussion, finishing this album beautifully. This is minimal art, in a total new musical style. It couldn't be forgotten here in the mnmland. Hope you like it, i sure did!

a1 - Lookooshere (feat Lannis Loukos)
b1 - Lyly Peeptoes
b2 - Stalega (feat Cateno)

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