Allan Villar - Trece

This might be the beginning of a very promising career for Allan Villar. From the capital of Brazil appears this 17 year old "boy" showing a refined minimal techno, already considered a great revelation in his country. In matter of facts this is a quite solid work with strong lines and perfect knowledge of music. "Sorro", the first track is a great flow and "El Tiner" starts to show why I liked so much this guy. Great rhythm and bass line in a disturbed music full of weird sounds, just as we like it. "Semrumo" (translated it means: "no place to go") is more calm, gathered in a dark environment full of creepy sounds that will give you repeated goosebumps. "Do Mi" ends the album in a great pumpy way. Released by 6one6 and distributed by Kompakt-mp3.net, a surprising one from our mate Villar.

a1 - Sorro
a2 -
El Tiner
b1 -
b2 -
Do Mi

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