Haito & Diringer - Perception

Haito and Johannes Diringer, a duo from Berlin were my first choice of 2008. It's their first release at a major label. We all know Kickboxer excellent taste when they are picking the plot to this ep's and this is not the exception. "Perception" is a relaxing music marked by deep grooves through a melodic harmony that will delight your soul. The remix by Simon Baker is the main key here. This will be huge in every dancefloor it passes, the dark environment it brings, the minimal growing pattern, the bass line... it will all converge into what we here, like the most... perception is what counts! "E-Love" brings again the deep feelings, it reminds me those morning sessions from mr Tenaglia. A nice one for the sunny days, if they decide to show up. Surely a high quality release, out in the 21st of this month. Don't miss it! Wishing a great year to all of you - thanks for the 100000 visits :)

a1 - Perception
a2 - Perception (Simon Baker rmx)
b1 - E-Love


francis canadas said...

e eu que andava a pensar postar isto.. logo vi que ja ca estava. saquei a poucos dias, mas achei muito engraçado.

Anexado said...

cada vez gosto mais disto...
o post mais simples, mas sem duvida a melhor postura e sincera realidade.
és grand huguitu...

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