Glimpse & Alex Jones - Felaz

Another fantastic work from UK.
Now the congrats goes to "Glimpse and Alex Jones"...their work was sublime again. Two tracks composes "Felaz", both tracks have the same name, but, one it original(A) and the other(B) has been remixed from the great double composed by "Matt Star's Mello-Dub". Congrats for every one who's involved on that production, is amazing!Matt Star remix is already in the boxes of Ricardo Villalobos, Laurent Garnier, Raresh, Kiki, Clive Henry, Audiofly, Rob Mello, Perc, Matt Tolfrey, Dominik Eulberg & Will Saul...

Enjoy it...

A1. Felaz (Original)
B2. Felaz (Matt Star's Mello-Dub)


Anonymous said...

That first song cuts off, is that suppose to be like that?

SortidO said...

why not?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props guys.


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