Paul Kalkbrenner - Altes Kamuffel

Despite being released in may, today I became aware that I have not posted here this great one. It is surely one of the Eps of the year, so it couldn't be forgotten. After anti-pop festival in August i realized that Paul Kalkbrenner was a one kind producer, with a genuine and unique work, I think the most of his work is brilliant and should be known by all of you. So, sorry for not posting this before... If you don't know this yet i can tell you it's an explosion of synth and bass lines. "Altes Kamuffel" is a great union between melodic exposure and pumping beat, this one is always present in his live performances. "Ick Muss Aus Dit Milieu Heraus" is another great one, uprising feelings, perfect to throw us all apart in the dance floors with it's great percussion, kicking beat and amazing groove ! Please listen this one, a two Ep burner released by Bpitch Control. I hope you realize why i like this guy so much. Enjoy!

a1 - Altes Kamuffel
b1 - Ick Muss Aus Dit Milieu Heraus

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