Andre Crom - Kardio Ep

After Misc. - Sinus Hotel, Sender records gets back with another pleasant presentation. Andre Crom shows up to Sender#72 with Kardio Ep. Twisted release by this German producer, resident in "Harpune", famous Duesseldorf disco! A 4 track Album where minimal marks place in it's acid side. I loved the release note on this one. I can't describe it better than Sender did, so here it is... enjoy:
"With a resolute dancing-step Dr. Andre Crom leads us into his ICU. Here only patients of the THI (Techno Health Insurance) are taken care of. Which therapy would you prefer? In treatment room A1 the Endorphin flow is stimulated by a grooving acid-bassline, while next door in room A2 a relentless metallic synthline cares for dilated pupils and raised Adrenalin blowout. If the nutcase nurses send themselves on a trip again with their medicaments and don't keep an eye on their patients during therapy, their temperature curve is rising (B1)! So it's about time for Rehab in station B2, with a Kardio therapy approved by all health insurances: dancing!"

a1 - Endorphin
a2 - Adrenalin
b1 - Fieberkurve
b2 - Reha


Mauro said...

Hey! i'm Mauro from Argentina... some people tell me that, this 'holden's Tales of wood' it's a fake, have you got any information about it? tnx

hugo said...

I mauro, i really can't tell you, i just post here the sets that i find in the net. What i can say to you is that i liked it a lot... anyway, today i'll be reposting it for a new one! :)


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