Mxime Dangles - I Need Sun

In christmas times a nice Gift offered by this producer, Maxime Dangles. After great productions like Agujas or Strawberry the young french comes back with an excelent disc. The second work by Bambú. A three music ep, each one of them directed to a different part of the day. A disco trully completed and full of good work.
"I nedd sun" it's one of the excelent musics of this one, very well built, step by step. A perfect music to a dancefloor with a view to the sea in a nice late afternoon. More turned to elecro comes this "deuxieme voyage", a great jouney by the way. And to end this , my favourite - Pattern - with as incredible power, i just feel like to jump out of my chair and fly away. With the wright magic to a fantastic night. To the ones that are lost and to the ones that don't want to get lost... here it is recommended Disc!

Label: Bambú
Catalog#: Bambú 02

a1 - i need sun
b1 - deuxieme voyage
b2 - pattern

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