Matzak - Sobotta

After "Life Beginings" Matzak is back with another master piece. I haven't yet heard a bad release from this guy and this continues his normal standards. This time launched by Harmonik Records, the French producer presents us a more calm ep, directed to pleasure your soul. "Sobotta", the first track, drive you through great emotions in a different special way, a subliminal music that will surely seduce you. "Ultratribe" follows the same requirements, it remembers me the geniality of Nathan Fake in his greatest works... I may say that i fell completely in love by this one... Fly fly away! Finnaly "CC" a more shaky track, nicely produced with a great beat and, like the previous musics, brilliantly escorted by a nice and deep melody. With Christmas in the scene and the moods rising up this is the perfect album to come along with it... Music to remember the days... the better days.

a1 - Sobotta
b1 - Ultratribe
b2 - CC

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