Oxia - Lost Memory

New release from Oxia - a.k.a. Olivier Raymond - one of the most important producers in the French scene who released musics like "Domino" that everyone loves. His music genre uses to follow melodic standards, music to fly and never get back. Don't expect it here... this one goes around minimal stuff, subtle changes, those things that makes you want more and more. I'm becoming addicted to his productions! Lost memory is a awesome ep released on his own Label - Goodlife - with two tremendous works. "12 Years Later" is a nice music, perfect for anyone's "game", you'll like it for sure, a groovy one. The b side "Lost Memory" is the reason why i'm posting this here. It's not the kind of stuff i was expecting from him,but it's surely a massive production (another one) that this guy presents to us. Tripped neurotic patterns, groovy minimal, great bass line, killer music! As i read in a review... "it will keep you hot during the upcoming winter". I can't get enough of it and i hope you feel the same way i do. Don't loose memory on this one...

a1 - 12 Years Later
b1 - Lost Memory


MaTh Rec. said...


its a good french producer


VideoDjs said...

it sure is a nice producer and dj. check out his video live @ Pacha - Ofir, Portugal at www.VideoDJs.blogspot.com


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