Matthias Schaffhäuser - Gott Ist Tot

Typical german kind of music, "Gott Ist Tot" is a major release from Mathias Schaffhäuser. This Cologne based producer, owner of Ware Records produced a spectacular Ep. In the B side he invited Apendics Shuffle to remix it. Let's start from the beginning... The original track - a side - is a minimal genius one! Like someone said... it pushes, pumps and peeps. Disturbing bass line, aggressive rave patterns and a tremendous environment during the music. What a peace of art, so underground it hurts! Then in the B side, the Apendics Shuffle re-construction. Coming from another great producer, it couldn't got out a bad one, and it didn't... It goes around the same kind of disturbed minimal but it's just not as pumpy as the A side. Less funky, more sexy, it's up to you to choose what kind of music do you like the most. Release nr. 75 on Ware , a tremendous work, let's pray it goes directly to the dancefloors, so we can all have a great time of amusement.

a1 - Gott Ist Tot (original)
b1 - Gott Ist Tot (Apendics Shuffle remix)

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