Nathan Fake - You Are Here

I there, it's been a long time and i have a lot to update... but just in september. August is not a season to spend time at home listening some music, but what the hell, i'm here and i'd like to show you something that i fell deeply in love with - the live remix of Nathan Fake - You are Here! It has it all: the heart, the minimal feeling, the emotions... it's just a fabulous track to enjoy in those great evenings that you surely like to have.
No more descriptions, just listen it and enjoy the awesome work that this guy does. Not recommended to those who just like power power power, that's just not the way it goes this time:) Stops is also a great music but the live mix of You are Here is awesome, one of the best songs of the year. Released on Border Community (where else could it be?)

a1 - You are Here (Live remix)
a2 - You are Here
b1 - You Are Here (Four Tet remix)
b2 - Stops (Live remix)


Boudewijn said...

thanxs for the info, I love his music and you are here the most of his songs :)

Greetz from Holland!

Anonymous said...

Just found this blog, and i think im going to like it.


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