Pantha Du Prince - Butterfly Girl Versions

Format: 12"
Catalog: Dial 23
Style: Techno, Minimal


A1 - Butterfly Girl (Sten Version) (6:35)
A2 - Butterfly Girl (Pantha Du Prince Lost The Beat) (9:04)
B1 - Butterfly Girl (Efdemin Persephone Version) (8:13)

"'Butterfly Girl' is one of the brightest shining jewels on Pantha du Prince's album Diamond Daze (Dial 2004). As remixers he invites his friends Efdemin and Sten aka Lawrence. Efdemin makes classical minimal grooving, with soulful sounds that make it deep on the floor. With Stens remix the 'Butterfly Girl' enters the Detroit-linked pumping zone related to his releases on Sender and Dial and on the latest Cocoon compilation as well. A bonus version of Pantha du Prince himself analyzes the basic ingredients of the original track and follows his genius sound research as Gluhen 4 (Dial CD in 2002)."
A powerfull version by Sten,for me, one of the best tracks of the year.

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