Audio Werner - Easygoing

This label who, last year had only one work released is back in great shape, with the Ep being held by one of my favorite producers.. Sometimes it’s better to release just a few bombs from time to time than to release an Ep every single month and this work prooves it… I’m talking about Tom Ellis and his work “Concentrate.” This disct titled “easygoing” is their first work published this year , a great quality one with lots of compassion. Than in the A side we find one of the best tracks i listened this year, “easygoing” it’s is name indicated for such sonority, full of good emotions and fully acessible to all. With a well danceable pace and a bassline that makes us remember a jazz impromptu. In the middle of the track an introduction of 4 piano chords, performs fully the wishes of any hearing. Excelent for a nice shiny afternoon in this rainy winter. On the other side we have “goingeasy” in a more deep tribal style, accompanied by an alternating low line and a melancholic melody.

Label: Hartchef Discos
Catalog#: HFC015
Release Date: 13.02.2009

a - easygoing
b - goingeasy

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