Caie and Lagora - Porcelan Ep

Caie “Lars Pärschke” and John Lagora “Tim Wucherpfennig” got together in 2008 to take off in the year 2009. They conjoin House with Techno and customize it to their own style. They are still young producers but already present very nice quality. Both are still working fervently on new mixtures to bring the crowds of the whole world to dance. Furthermore one can be anxious for their new,intended live act,which will be presented soon.
Porcelain Ep has been released a couple of days and can be considered their best performance till now. They shine off with two very good tracks and a fabulous rework by SIS. “Miss Wonderfull” goes a bit housy, but I can see Dj’s like Villalobos playing this at some open air partys. “Breakdown” is quite a good one, more adaptable to our standars, with it’s groovy rude beat and some perfect neurotic elements in the back. But when SIS gets his hands into it, it comes completely different. A 15 minutes SIS remix! Amazing! Smashed the Ibiza floors this year… it has all you can beg for in music, it transmits such feelings in such subtle moments, and the rhythm was not forgotten, neither the beat! Perfect one… reminds me a lot Luciano past productions. It’s an unbelievable track that all of you should know (and buy). Release nr 10 by Material Series..

a1 - Breakdown
b1 - Breakdown (Sis remix)
b2 - Miss Wonderfull

listen and buy it here

Release Date: 20, January, 2009

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christopher higgs said...

Thanks for turning me on to so much cool music. I appreciate what you're doing.

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