Audio Werner - Easygoing

This label who, last year had only one work released is back in great shape, with the Ep being held by one of my favorite producers.. Sometimes it’s better to release just a few bombs from time to time than to release an Ep every single month and this work prooves it… I’m talking about Tom Ellis and his work “Concentrate.” This disct titled “easygoing” is their first work published this year , a great quality one with lots of compassion. Than in the A side we find one of the best tracks i listened this year, “easygoing” it’s is name indicated for such sonority, full of good emotions and fully acessible to all. With a well danceable pace and a bassline that makes us remember a jazz impromptu. In the middle of the track an introduction of 4 piano chords, performs fully the wishes of any hearing. Excelent for a nice shiny afternoon in this rainy winter. On the other side we have “goingeasy” in a more deep tribal style, accompanied by an alternating low line and a melancholic melody.

Label: Hartchef Discos
Catalog#: HFC015
Release Date: 13.02.2009

a - easygoing
b - goingeasy


Makcim & Managemend - Red Aglet

Remote Area shows up once again to deliver a massive ep produced by Makcim & Managemend. It’s the second production made by this duo from the Netherlands and minimaland can ensure you that this really is something special. They compile the best elements of deep and funky grooves, always with very nice rhythm and perfect knowledge of how to produce an healthy dancefloor turn on. “92 House” and “Red Aglet” (massive track) are the perfect example of their good taste. Beside this sexy funked up jazzy grooves, the 2×12″ release also brings a more disturbed neuro minimal pattern that we always appreciate, taking presence on “Somniphobia” and “Euphobia”… Fearful! Supported by Ricardo villalobos, 2000 and One, Sammy Dee and Cassy. Impressive..

Digital Only - Euphobia

Rls Date: 09.02.2009

Mobilee Back To Back Remixes, Part I & II

Mobilee Back to Back lovers looking to take a lick from the ladle of Miss Jools’ upcoming Back to Back Vol. 3 compilation CD are in store for some extra flavor stirred in from vol. 3 remix artists, Nick Curly and Efdemin (mobilee 048) and D´Julz and Christian Burkhardt (mobilee 049). This 4 amazing producers deliver some of the most refined mnml u can have! Massive production, unmissable to all our readers

Nick Curly of 8Bit and Cécille Records boldly pulls the background beats of “Diva” forward, creating an explosion of cheerful melody. A central figure of the Mannheim sound, Curly has a knack for fresh releases and trippy sound. The B-side of this teaser welcomes Efdemin remixing „Moved feat. Prosumer“, a track softly bringing deeper, loungy house melodies into swing. While some artists only go skin deep, Efdemin goes deeper with a sense of detail and abstractness. Both artists have finely remixed the cream of the crop of Sebo K’s best releases. ”Diva” (mobilee043) received widespread acclaim from a variety of publications, placing in Resident Advisor’s ”Top 30 tracks of 2008,’ in Mixmag at 25, Beatportal at four and in Beatport as the eighth ranking house track of the year. “Moved feat. Prosumer” was placed at number 14 in De:Bug back in 2006. The carefully hand-picked Sebo K tracks are just an exclusive teaser for what’s in store for the entire CD (Mobilee Back to Back Vol. 3)


Rls Date: 16.02.2009

D’Julz of Ovum, Pokerflat and Intacto Records remixed GummiHz’s 2007 one-of-kind release and turned it into nothing short of a dance floor phenomenon. Of course, nothing less could be expected from a man who has been around the world and back since 1992 playing in the most legendary clubs before the most legendary scensters. D’Julz certainly has the qualification and experience of what it takes to make a party a paaarty!
Christian Burkhardt of Oslo, raum…musik and Remote Area Records took one of Anja Schneider’s more mellow and somber tunes from her spooky Beyond the Valley album, which ranked third in the charts of Groove Magazine, and give it a powerful face lift. The hard baseline and repetitive foot-stomping beat is exactly the kind of techno flair that Burkhardt embodies in his music.



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Caie and Lagora - Porcelan Ep

Caie “Lars Pärschke” and John Lagora “Tim Wucherpfennig” got together in 2008 to take off in the year 2009. They conjoin House with Techno and customize it to their own style. They are still young producers but already present very nice quality. Both are still working fervently on new mixtures to bring the crowds of the whole world to dance. Furthermore one can be anxious for their new,intended live act,which will be presented soon.
Porcelain Ep has been released a couple of days and can be considered their best performance till now. They shine off with two very good tracks and a fabulous rework by SIS. “Miss Wonderfull” goes a bit housy, but I can see Dj’s like Villalobos playing this at some open air partys. “Breakdown” is quite a good one, more adaptable to our standars, with it’s groovy rude beat and some perfect neurotic elements in the back. But when SIS gets his hands into it, it comes completely different. A 15 minutes SIS remix! Amazing! Smashed the Ibiza floors this year… it has all you can beg for in music, it transmits such feelings in such subtle moments, and the rhythm was not forgotten, neither the beat! Perfect one… reminds me a lot Luciano past productions. It’s an unbelievable track that all of you should know (and buy). Release nr 10 by Material Series..

a1 - Breakdown
b1 - Breakdown (Sis remix)
b2 - Miss Wonderfull

listen and buy it here

Release Date: 20, January, 2009

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