Matt Star - Rhodesse EP

In 2011 there's a name that catched up our ears! It is Matthias Schildger (aka Matt Star), which seems to be one of the greatest talents coming from Offenbach (Frankfurt Am Mainz). Needless to say the connection between Offenbach and Electronic Music, it's only a question of naming the underground club "Live At Robert Johnson" and then things get more clear. Btw, Their Label is now about to release a special book in March with all the histories and important moments that marked the 13 years of Robert Johnson club in Offenbach, a probably not to miss one. In any case, it's Mr. Matt Star, also from Offenbach, that we have the pleasure of presenting today, probably influenced by the Offenbach scene during his growth and probably as well, influenced it in the last years.
Goes the story that Matt Star started playing in small parties at the age of 12, and besides his youth, there's no doubt that when the word quality is adopted, Matthias is really a Star! Clean and accurate grooves are his mark, but it would be pretty far any definition of his work just saying this, so, referring to releases on Cocoon, Meleon or Kling Klong will keep ideas more clear. He's also a master of the cadence and the hypnothic derivatives, making his productions being among the best (at least in our humble ears). After a perfect grooved track on Meleon's 3 year, a release intended to celebrate 3 years existence of Danjel's Esperanza label, we then focused our ears on him as a space radar looking for stars does. And it seems we found one.
This release, on Spur Recordings, a Italian based label that seems to start with the right foot, provides a glimpse of the kind of variation, clean cutted basslines and variable creative sounds Matt Star is capable, embracing the listener in a very spicy and smashing trip either on the groove frequencies or the harmonic details.
Naming the Ep, we have "Rhodesse", a 4 minutes track, Tribal and melodic paths within the rhythm are probably the best approximation to define it, and his clean bassline sticks to it like glue, a nice delight to hear in about any ambience! 
Then comes "Im Garten" a nice experience in the spacy chords frequences, ripping and popping any dancefloor to another level. Die Haustiere vision applies a more rugged and violent bassline, keeping its dorsal spine, which again can only signify the quality of construction of Matt Star tracks.
"Matterdron", with Candy Csonka is just one of those you start listening and then kidnapps you to another world, maybe a better one, where deep senses, cadence and harmonic trips define the listener's horizon, being a little bit undefinable, which always means a really nice one! Finishing the row, we have Metrica remix, adopting a more heavy groove and space aged synthethizers which sound to things we've used to hear back in the end of 90's in the underground german techno/trance culture with a different approach and some boiling deep chords. It closes the release as a crown over Spur and Matt Star.

Release Date: 18/11/2011
Catalogue: SPR002


1 - Matt Star - Rhodesse
2 - Matt Star - Im Garten
3 - Matt Star - Im Garten (Die Haustiere remix)
4 - Matt Star, Candy Csonka - Matterdron
5 - Matt Star, Candy Csonka - Matterdron (Metrica remix)

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