Souki - The Jack EP

After our first review of the debut Extended Play of Souki (Carina Lohmeyer) on Einmaleins Musik (Click here to check it!), it was pretty certain there would be just a matter of time until we found another release from her to confirm our bet and her immense potential. That release came again on Einmaleins Musik, one of our favourite labels, and it's name was "Monkey Sun EP". Unfortunately we didn't review it because it passed by somehow, however, now deserves some reference! With Souki sweet voice, clean and gasping bassline and a mumbling timbale, she produced a true minimalistic and powerfull driven track. So now, to honor her and minimaland as well, since we are really proud of "baptizing" her first release, we thought it could come handy to review her first release on Zaubermilch Records, run by Manou de Jean, wich in German means something like "clean milk", spelled in a crazy way. Well, since they're trying to re-invent the "pasteurizing" within the electronic music world, nothing better than picking such an awesome producer as Souki is and release a great EP with remix credits to Mr. Frank Martiniq, a producer we embraced since minimaland start, back in 2005.
So, presentations done, even if they're not really needed with this lady (in fact, we love her minimal style since the beggining), time to "drop the needle" and check out how these spicy condiments and ingredients sound together in this release.
"Jack", first track to be hit, in fact hits the listener. Hits and punches right on the chest, probably the weakest part! Starting with a fade up, haves as much of the right amount of bass as it haves of the perfect sound to be always skipping on behind, a very own Souki sound, corrugated and deeply dark with nostalgic feelings that go back to the beggining of underground electronic music. As it develops, each detail is kindly added in a subtle way, as always with Souki, with voices, reverbs, electronic little grasps and synth melodical patterns along the mesh. It seems simple but is in fact very hard to produce a track like this, so soothing and thunderous at the same time, revolving the listener in a one way path, embraced by all Souki's kindness and violence at the same time!
So, with a track like this, nothing better than calling Mr. Frank Martiniq to apply the remix it deserves and develop another view upon such a brilliant track from Souki. Applying some more layers of sounds and varying the bass to a mumbling pattern, Frank masters the illusion of making the remix of "Jack"seem another complete new track, just in the same level of quality and not distorting it too much while creating almost everything new. These are the kind of remixes we like and Mr. Frank deserves congratulations for this one.
Ending the EP, a more private side of Souki, with a heavy, dark and countoured bassline track followed by a distorted ancient organ sound, in a little creepy way, called "Nothing", so let's not forget Souki haves 4 faces! As the track evolves, we are kindly embraced by some ambience sounds, some espiritual sounds and some voices, relieving the heavy ambience while maintaining the same dark compass which creates something of a opposite forces struglling along it's evolution.
This is another brilliant masterpiece from Souki, confirming that sometimes is not the amount of releases, it's the quality each one of them possess individually! Also, let's not confuse Souki with Soukie (of Soukie & Windish), this Souki, the first one we met it's the true one and we're still in love with her productions overhere after 3 years passed.. And we kinda think we'll still be in the future... :)

Released: 09/12/2011
Catalog: ZMR019
Format: Vinyl/Digital


A1 - Souki - Jack
B1 - Souki - Jack (Frank Martiniq Remix)
B2 - Souki - Nothing

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