Seindesticker & Salour - Say Here / Radio Boing Boing

We do not came to a halt, but undoubtly we're not near old times when the matter is reviews. Still so, we appear now and then to pinpoint something really special deserving some love words. And this is the case around Seidensticker & Salour. We are aware of the immense quantity of good music hiting the stores everyday, however, it's way different from 2005, when we started, and sadly as well, our personal lives don't leave us as many time as we would want. But we still keep the pinpoints now and then!

Being a dinamo on the Hamburg bohemian nightlife scene and an artist with a foot (the right one!) on the Wareika project, there's a side of Jakob Seidensticker (and also Bardia Salour) not so oftenly referred, as they're the masterminds of "Dance for fans" event, shaking Hamburg's now and then with many artists we have a special place overhere, as Masomenos, Guillaume and The Coutu Dumonts or And.Id, just naming a few and already leaving a footprint of great nights in Hamburg when these guys "put their aces" on the table.

So, it appears everything is just in track for an wonderful Ep on Sleep Is Commercial. Yup, it is!

Starting with "Say Here", the typical tingling Seidensticker and Salour sound is around, the detailed bassline, the soothing highs and the bumpy rythm: Check, all present! But as always, with their productions, "Gourmet Class" are the main words across all their releases. "Say Here" however, drives on some kind of serpentine with fine hypnotic dub, entering a space of ellipsoidal illusion that is a main attribute on their releases and immediatly reminds me of "Harascho Dub", resulting in the illusion of the magicians which I only noticed on Villalobos productions like "Fizheuer Zieheuer" even if with a minor play time! If we would have to describe Seidensticker & Salour as producers, we would nickname them the "magicians". It's quite impressive the final result revolving around the same sounds in 7 minutes, and this is a characteristic of the magicians, the power of illusion seeming to change everything and nothing at the same time.

Since most of words are already dropped on the last paragraph, "Radio Boing Boing" just confirms them. A relaxed vibe and a veined dub are present just to evolve continuously in all music spectrums to a peak of whooping and reverbed looping mesmeric state. Still, this is not over!

"Say here" was also given to Francesco Assenza and Danilo Schneider for a proper remix glimpse of their own.

Francesco Assenza picks up a darker side of the vibe, progressing the track to a more underground state, proper to fullfil any break on a more techno darksided dancefloor, applying some vocals and a little smell of progressive house, meshing all of this together in a consistent new path, considering the original. Great work considering the different approach into the final result.

And well, because here we're small kids, we like to save the best to the end! There's a word for Danilo Schneider remix: Magnificent. It's like having the original magician touch of Seidensticker & Salour on bassline steroids and a hell of a kick without loosing absolutely anything of the original, precisely the reverse. We're not saying here that Francesco Assenza remix is worst or that the original wasn't complete. What we're saying is that Danilo Schneider made a hell of a job, creating an epic track we're absolutely sure will shake lot's of different dancefloors around along with the whole Ep. We really have to say this, Danilo's works are complete in all the frequencies and we were already deeply touched by his label, Enough!, with the release of Hula Hoop by Eveline Fink last year. This seems like a sort of "revenge" towards the wonderful remix Jakob Seidensticker did to Danilo's "Short Image in My Brain". Being Schneider the family name, Danilo leaves his own footprint and creativity into the heavy heritage his family name carries along, since Guido will be always a reference for Us in the minimaland.

If you're into having a classy and vibrant sound on your roster, this Ep 100% recommended.

Release Date: 30/07/2012
Catalog: SIC011
Format: Digital


1 - Seidensticker & Salour - Say Here

2 - Seidensticker & Salour - Radio Boing Boing
3 - Seidensticker & Salour - Say Here (Danilo Schneider Remix)
4 - Seidensticker & Salour - Say Here (Francesco Assenza Remix)

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