Danilo Schneider & Eveline Fink - Numanthia EP

Not so long after reviewing something related to Danilo Schneider, in the Seidensticker & Salour – Say Here Extended Play, we had to squeeze a little bit Enough! label, on latest releases and never too late again, ask for some support for them in our Facebook page since it’s a project with lots of love in it. Even this “Love the Vinyl” attitude of releasing only in Vinyl, nowadays, is of great courage to us. Literally! Btw, you support, here!

The kind of sound and rythms that often comes from this label headquarters is something of just crying out loud for more and more. And this is a impressive fact for something that is just a baby in Germany effervescent electronic music scene. It haves cadence, it haves connections of intricate music fibers that hold together an amazing tapestry and role of sound textures, and this is generally a definition that goes along all Enough! releases. In a nutshell: It’s only love and they give it away in every release, it’s never enough for them!

Confirming all this words, every time we touch an EP from them we keep getting surprised on how the standards keep the same since the first EP they released. An even more spicy fact on this release is that Eveline Fink and Danilo Schneider share a passion that outcomes as some kind of aura in this release, being them the main dynamos behind Enough!, they would never let the fans down on their first official partnership. And they didn’t!
Plus, Schneider & Fink sounds really great as well, kind of Bonnie & Clyde of the electronic music scene!

Starting with Numanthia, the Schneider’s trademark bassline seems shy to appear on start, but this is only a minor thought detail to create expectation on a right foot blasting entering at 0:34, transporting the listener to a familiar place, Schneider’s bass land! All the rhythm suddenly starts to cristalize sweetness expressed by a tinkling melody, and yeah, welcome do Eveline’s fairy land! So, nothing so easy to define as the opposites that complement perfectly! In a fight along the track, surfaces the melody, then the rythmic bassline just seems to contradict the melody and then the doubt is installed on which is better. None, all just fits perfectly into a crystalline voyage!
Mahogany is hymn to cadence and rhythm keepers, swishing a corrugated mid frequency plenty of popping connections in the highs complemented by a grunting bassline, fitting properly any “keep n’go” moment. We must say we love the way a bumpy drum high keeps re starting the rhythm cycle every one step in four in the 4/4 tempo, along with the dub charism of the entire track, is just delicious!
Marc Miroir, needing no presentations between us, mastermind behind Paso Music Label, adopts a slightly homogeneic moisture for his interpretation of Numanthia, seeming to not outshadow the main achievement of Schneider & Fink duo, shuffling all the elements while maintaining the original spine rebuilding it all in a progressive direction meshed in a balanced and grooved bassline.

Suiting all rhythm enhancers and cadence keepers, this Extended Play is certainly a near perfect release within the dynamic electronic spectrum, focusing an essence with three tracks that complement very well within each other. If U’re seeking to have a special energy secret that marks something special in your roster, this one is for you. Isn’t varied in styles, but considering what’s aimed, nearly perfect, and normally, that’s the goal for an EP. It’s just a matter of time for the LP that’ll consecrate this duo without any further questions.

Release Date: 07/09/2012
Format: Only Vinyl
Catalog: Enough004



- Numanthia
B1 - Mahogany
B2 - Numanthia (Marc Miroir Remix)

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