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Writing a review about one of our references it’s a real hard task. Maybe not because we love a specific music, bunch of tracks or the whole release, as it turns out to be the case, it’s mainly because touching on such a name that just inspires us in so many directions and it’s even one of the reasons why this blog exists (more on that later), well,  then we realize we’re in another league and we even feel afraid in every press we do on the keyboard.

We’ve been following Robag Wruhme for quite a while, since the beginning in fact. What to say about this true musician that keeps creating his own path? Nothing we can remember just right now, so we’ll give the short story version. 

Gabor Schablitzki aka Robag Wruhme is a producer and label founder fertile in pseudonyms, styles, soundscape innovations and variations. Being an active adolescent with positive attitudes towards music and feeling an inner appeal, he started Beefcake along with Volker Kahl, a positive project along harmonies, mixing between progressive beats with a bit D’nB influence from the 90's (golden years) and several experimentations, being Coincidentia Opositorium a good example of last words. Still today, Beefcake is praised on it’s scene. After a while, Gabor started his solo career as Dj Gabor, a name which appears to have a frugal appearance with the very sunnier Summertime on Freud Am Tanzen, label he co-founded with Bodner Sören. As if this was already a bit jaw dropping for Us, then there’s the appointment that precisely Bodner and Gabor are Wighnomy Brothers. He also edited as Machiste about the same time he started his career as Robag Wruhme and already with a consolidated name, he also released singles under biases as Themroc  or Rolf Oksen on Freud Am Tanzen. We even think he haves a finger (A big one) in one of the best new labels, or at least, the most avantgarde one the last couple years: Pampa Records.
Nevertheless, Gabor was always one of the forward thinkers of the scene for Us, so today is our little thank you with the proper release: Olgamikks, a collection of unreleased and released edits and dispersed tracks from Robag pseudonym.

Funny enough, one of the reasons this blog exists is precisely Robag Wruhme, when, after a magnificent party of Ricardo Villalobos in Sá da Bandeira, his first time in Portugal, after following him for a while, myself and Hugo just arrived at his home, without any will to sleep after so many energy spending and still with those tunes on our heads recycling around, we just started hearing to individual tracks that could have been played by him. And through some acquired tracks during those days before the party hearing the likes such as Pantytec – Elastobabe, we arrived, to Robag Wruhme, almost hidden. It was an instant reaction “Villalobos plays this sort of thing, this is recycled music”! And so, listening to tunes like Fittichklopfer or Jenna Makks was only a question of days. It’s the first name I retain and nowadays I can see clearly why.

So, getting to Olgamikks, what can we say? We already know how Robag’s tracks drive us in all sort of different ways. It must be absolutely referred that we almost had a review for Thora Vukk, one of his intimate works and masterpieces, we even got it from a promo e-mail but we just missed it due to problems at those times and lack of time, so, this time, with such a wonderfull release covering all frequencies of Robag Wruhme in small glimpses, even if late, this could not be missed, at all!

Olgamikks haves various edits from Audision, Marc Romboy, Claude Vonstroke and even Gui Boratto, and then there’s a name that stands out: Thom York, from Radiohead on Modeselektor track. 

We can assure this is a timeless release, one of the best this year's so far, round and absolutely complete where all the reverbed, recycled basslines from Robag say "present", matured like a good Oporto vintage wine refined with all his tricks and majestic ways of combining patterns and rhythms to seem exactly the opposite and just a recyclated mesh. Or the way Gabor just keeps in cadence in Wolluwe, for example. Olgamikks it’s beyond any description, we think all that’s been said about this magician of the innovative paths, reverbed sounds and basslines along with glitchy interconnected highs is pretty enough. It’s just a question of listening and get your own feelings about it, cause, one thing is sure about Gabor Schablitzki: If there is no path, he just creates it and is one of a kind, the kind of artists that keep opening breakthroughs in electronic scene with an immense gift turning themselves into icons of entire generations.

Thank you Gabor, it’s been a true pleasure to follow all your work since the beginning of this trip in our little land, the minimaland!

#Catalogue: NDCD01
Tracklist: Please check on the player below
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