Guido Schneider & Florian Schirmacher - Places Ep

Not so long after reviewing something including Schneider in the family name, and with an amazing Ep (probably to be reviewed) between the two brothers coming, time to give a proper referral to the main and oldest Schneider: Guido.

A wanderer in electronic music, Guido started his steps in the 90’s as part of a project called Neue Welten, an avant-garde experimental new disco sprinkled with nice trancy electronic details and reverbed basslines from (it’s a guess!) old machines such as the Roland TB303 or other similar vintage synthetizers and drum machines.

But, what mostly stands out from Guido Schneider path in electronic music it’s his capacity to metamorphose and edit through many and respected labels over here. We became aware to Guido’s productions back in 2004 when there was a tune that always played in one of the best after hours that ever existed in Oporto (It was a boat, btw) and was considered an hymn of those afterhours and given a status of mandatory: As Dry As I Can, released in Pokerflat, Unterwegs Mit Guido Schneider. So, considering this it’s even odd why we never rendered homage to such a name from the motherland of avant-garde electronic music, Deutschland.

From Deutschland as well comes Florian Schirmacher, member of Wareika Trio, label owner (FormResonance) and important player in the German scene with a gifted voice to such productions that tends to be quite familiar. Just to throw some clues in to the board, his magnificent interpretation of Riders On The Storm, the original from The Doors or his performance in Mountain Ride as part of Wareika just confirm all the previous words. Florian, also a synth player and a dynamizer who just cannot stand still, has a new project called Hatikvah along with Helmut Ebritsch that we’re just waiting for what comes out. If electronic music was pop music, Florian Schirmacher would be David Bowie, so many his facets and masks.

So, it was gladly with good eyes we saw such a combination within one of the best labels around, Moodmusic.
Places Ep is a dancefloor killer in all its majesty. Starting by Hanna, a hypnotically voice driven sampled track melted around a bubling hypnotical groove that is just delicious, we find the perfect sweetspot to any crowd pleasing goal from the performer. This track will make a lot of people dance and sing along into another level. 
Then we go to Lost and it seems the only one to be totally lost in the groove will be the listener! Because it doesn’t appear in any way that Mr. Guido Schneider has been lost when producing it, so many the amount of interconnection and details within it. This track brings us back to the better days, with a luscious rhythm and will to drive any human member or body extremity to go along with it, the drive. It’s a drive track, it’ll not stop, it’ll circle around you, grab your attention and leave with a bitter feeling that’s over. In a matter of seconds you’re just repeating again and again to another bumpy grooved trip.

Making use of Florian Schirmacher voice, we find In The Toilet, that we will not discuss it’s origins, but will attest that is a fresh and mandatory introduction into any dancefloor. It starts with a very specific racket rhythm streamlined along different kinds of sounds that fitted together, produce a masterpiece. It’s in fact very addictive and unforgettable since there’s a small history sang by Mr. Florian that will grab the attention of any crowd and pause any bassline attack into a happiness movement. It’s one of those tracks that takes us to places.

Philip Bader remix of In The Toilet works along the same vibes, adding a stronger bassline, a more darkened vision of the track, sampling it’s voice around and focus on a dubbier inspiration. If the Ep wasn’t complete yet, this is just the final statement.
Release vividly recommended to any bag, case or crate, it makes a difference in any performance that stands out.
Label: Moodmusic | Catalog: MHR063

Tracklist (On the web player)

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