Heckmann & Kauffelt - Kookaburra

Heckmann & Kauufelt teamed up to produce two great minimal techy tracks. I always liked heckmann since i heard one of his musics in a villalobos set a long time ago; so i listened this album and apreciate it a lot! Either kookaburra and klapperspecht are very disturbing tracks, kookaburra is a great music that must have been inspired in a safary! Nice paths always uprising, step by step leading to periodical insanity. I was very surprised with this release, great one, be aware...

Listen to:
a1 - Kookaburra
b1 - Klapperspecht


Alter Ego - Transphormer (remixes)

minimaland techny side

a - Transphormer (Johannes Heil remix)

b - Transphormer (My My's Alter Ego remix)

A great release. The remix from Johannes Heil it's very drive-shafted to a techno side. My my (it's not an error) makes a more subdued and minimal drived rythm. This sound makes a mental travel through your head. Very good "thinker" kind of minimal. ;)


Mauro Alpha - Pallette

With so many things going on this week, a lots of electro coming in, nice new things like Orange Bud, Super Flu, Phonique, Monolake or Swat Squad - all of them released new massive eps - i always fall in the same kind of tastes... a new Boxer album is like a fresh air breathing in through my window. My kind of taste always leads to the same way... I was hearing this new ep, i didn't knew it's name but i said... "this one is my favourite". And, well, a new Ep from Boxer Recordings,the 39th, this time from Mauro Alpha having remixes of luca morris & Paul C and in the B side ndkj does all the remixing work. Pallete is a minimal tune, very shaky perfect for the dancefloors and if the original one is good, what to say of Luca Morris & Paul C remix... it's hard to describe, the recycled minimalism that brings me joy always tuning in to the same direction showing us the best that can be done in this kind of work, perfect construction, feeling and know how! Ndkj presents us a more progressive tune, full of bass and not so disturbing or tripy as the luca morris mix, a nice music ending a huge Ep

Listen To:
a1 Mauro Alpha - Pallette
a2 Mauro Alpha - Pallette (Luca Morris & Paul C remix)
b1 Mauro Alpha - Pallette (Ndkj remix)



Having producers like Marc Houle, Troy Pierce, Loco Dice, Konrad Black, Magda or Heartthrob and John Gaiser (for me one of the best promisses in this kind of music) working together in the same compilation could only happen in m_nus records; This cd presents the best that is done at the time in minimal tech productions, combining strong and known names with new upcomers like Jpls and Tractile. Niederflur aka Misc present here a different kind of project; Insasiable rythms, blastering paths, storys to be listened are the ingredients to this album ... I think all this guys are in great shape, or in other words, they can't be bad, all their work is done with the head, giving us always the best. A word to troy pierce - grvl, my favourite track of this massive compilation and other to marc houle always with his hallucinating and disturbing minimalism! A great cd full of great producers, the 40th release on m_nus

1 Heartthrob - Baby kate

2 Gaiser - Scatter
3 Magda - Staring Contest
4 Konrad Black - Gink Gank Gonk
5 Troy Pierce - Grvl
6 Wink - Have to go back (non vox version)
7 Marc Houle - Simpler
8 Niederflur - Z.b.
9 Tractile - Unquenchable
10 Berg Nixon - Victoria Station
11 Jpls - Twilite 7
12 Loco Dice - Orchidee


Kenneth James G - Your Condition

Resopal Red, sublabel of resopal records is getting deeper with each new release. The minimalism well marked in their eps just make me love this kind of music style! Neurotic and weird patterns, style, class and a great know how of this kind of genre. Kenneth James G suprised me with this production, fabulous one, all three tracks can make you a brain aneurism with their psyched mind. All the attention is credited to this release, a pure minimal one, with the quality expected when you are listening a resopal red release! Your condition is an example containing all the steps that a minimal production should have! Credits confirmed once more in the 5th release of this sublabel!

Listen to:
a1 - Your Condition
b1 - Acusatory Dispatch
b2 - Your lateral head


Summer Shakers

What's been happening in this side of the land

Matt John - Hologramm
Duoteque - Amarcord
Oxia - Domino
Dan Berkson & James What - Zig Zag
Luciano & Melchior - Father
Sten - Take me To the Fridge
Tekel & Tim Paris - Marketel
Tolga Fidan - Desole
Troy Pierce - 25 Bitches (Original mix)
Alex Under - El Danubio Universal

>With so many things going on in the minimal world it's impossible to write a credible review about all this musics so i'll just tell u what's doing for me right now! Hologramm by Matt John it's one of the best minimalist tracks i've heard in a long time! Oxia - Domino is for me the track of the year so far, makes me wanna fly away... new talent uprising! Don't miss this one... PLEASE! Duoteque - Amarcord i listen this one in a set from André Galluzi, an hypnotic dark minimal track where the subtle feminin voice makes you cry for more! Zig Zag was too cought from a set... and when i heard the ep i notice that this guys weren't messing around! Tekel, Luciano And Alex Under just signing their presence always in great style. A word to Tolgan Fidan, new upcoming producer with some credits already firmed in the land. And finnaly Troy Pierce - 25 bitches, a very cool track, i chosed the original but all the 6 (!) remixes (by Berg Nixon,Matt John, Heartthrob,John Gaiser and Marc Houle - m_nus 38 and m_nus 39) are quite good!

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