Franco Cinelli - Dimension 3

Franco Cinelli, one of the best Argentinian dj/producer presents a leveled work released by Adjunct. Dimension 3 is a brilliant tech-house ep full off dark, deep emotions followed by amazing constructions. The south-american spirit is well presented by this one. a1 track - dimension 3 - brings the high quality of this guy showing a great techy spirit just keeping a unstopable rythm. The "clitchy" sounds that keep appearing in the music are brilliant. Cascade slows down the pace, but keeps the things with a high performance. A music to enjoy carefully with lot's of attention, it's my favourite one... just minimal written all over it. F2 (Shake) brings again another pumpy track. Just non stopping beat rising and rising, great basslines and perfect trippy breaks during the muzik. Liked it a lot!! Than you have Bruno Pronsato's remix of F2, more minimal, less rythm but, again, a great job... typical Pronsato's work. Surprising top release!

a1 - Dimension 3
a2 - Cascada
b1 - F2 (Shake)
b2 - F2 (Bruno Pronsato remix)

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Henry said...

Franco Cinelli is amazing. He just put out a remix for us on AirDrop Records. You can listen to it now on Fairtilizer or wait for the vinyl and beatport release (March 28th, 2008)

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