Marco Resmann - Watercolour

Fresh new release on Mobilee, Marco's Resmann - aka Phage - firt's album with his own signature. A complete album, that we normally are used to in this label. Pure class music gathering a pannel of different watercolours and painting a perfect draw. Gouache, the a side is extremely emotional, starting way deep and rising up during the all 9 minutes of what becomes a unique journey. "old school" style - harmony & perfection... just feel it. I can bet that this will be in the playlists of the good ones! The b side - Tempera - is another perfect one. the build up of the music is more dark and minimal and evolves in that way. Detroit's old style, house music or what was supposed to be in the better days... i loved it.

a1 - Gouache
b1 - Tempera

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