Nôze - Piano

Brand new release on milnor modern presenting us Nôze, a french band that shows here a leveled surprising release. I liked it a lot, the journeys through different directions during the music with it's variations and it's breaks along the freaky piano its just the best you can have. "Piano" will drive you through unexpected pleasures. A different kind of minimal that i normally post here, it's more dark and abstractive and it has a great beat and a perfect deep construction, when you think the music is ending it just starts pumping all over again... 15 minutes of an amazing ride. Dop bring us the remix, more dançable but loosing almost all it's minimal feeling, the voices don't work! The A side is the key of this release!

a1 - Nôze - Piano
b1 - Nôze - Piano (Dop remix)

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