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Driving my way back home listening some tracks of alex under debut cd, and other lp's released by him, I became aware that, at the moment, he is probably my favourite producer. Our neighbour from Spain has a reputation rising all over the world with his known style of techno house... Tracks like El Arado Adorado, Las Bicicletas son para El Verano or his remix off Oliver Hacke - Subject Carrier shows his unique excellence when making tripping & disturbing music. The hypno-psychedelic constructions with crazy & groovy basslines like in Abitah la Granjeritia, Balas de Jaja Maja or even the january released Cerebrote de Schizofrenia show's that he has knowledge of what the listeners in the dancefloors appreciate. An artist to pay attention where quality is continuously rising up! Don't miss his releases on trapez, they all worth it! This is not a album review it's only to ensure that Alex Under productions are crushing my mind with its powerfullness..

Heartthrob - Time For Ensor

12" -->> Minimal
Minus 031

a1 - Time for Ensor (4:33)
a2 - Glass Cat (7:27)
b1 - Golum (6:33)
b2 - Grounded (6:13)

Listen (& buy it) here..!

No moods for reviews so here it goes... crazy disturbed rythms, great & dark personality.
"Debut single from the elastic sounds of Brooklyn's HEARTTHROB One thing is certain with the wide-eared palette in the hand of Heartthrob, aka Jesse Siminski- melody and swing are in harmony. 'Time For Ensor' is a debut-single full of playful bass lines and pop motifs decorated by animated electronic symbolism. Heartthrob's sound contains the balance of respect for dance music's past while embracing focus, freedom and fun via today's soft/hardware possibilities and potential. A Michigan native living in New York, Siminski was exposed to the same Midwest techno underground of the 1990's that connects much of the Minus/Plus 8 roster now adventuring around the globe. Being exposed to underground parties and futuristic sounds in Madison, Minneapolis, Chicago and Detroit, his ear was inspired from an even younger age by the classic electronic records in his father's (also a performing and practicing musician) music collection and Jesse's adolescent noodlings with keyboards and drum machines. His altered moves as Vivianne Project for the Contexterrior and Underl_ne labels have followed suit into Siminski's beat. Having only performed live under a dozen times, his energetic and expressive shows have given audiences in the States a sneak peek to what Europe will be experiencing in the fall of 2005 (performances in Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona are set for this September and October). Dancing the line between sparse and complex, Heartthrob's subtle hooks on 'Golum' and off-world echoes in the title cut, 'Time For Ensor', are more in the moment than moody or grabbing nostalgic. (T)his fresh outlook is a preview to much more sonic art from Jesse Siminski in the future." (in


Frank Martiniq - Extrashark

12" --->> Techno, Minimal
Boxer 033

a1 - Extrashark (7:36)
b1 - Dumb de luxe (6:32)

sample here!

After hits like adriano, litlle fully crowds or late night toolz Frank Martiniq brings us a classy lp bombing it with a deep subtle Extrashark, a minimal dark envolving track that can be glimmed up in all the dancefloors with it's peacefull wavebass leading it to a special track; the b side is a more tech housy track perfect to tell the people to... "rise up!"I bet this one will be in the tracklists off all the great sets being made around the clubs cause of it's acid hypno breaks. A astonishing release by mr Frank surelly recommended


Sunsetpeople - orion \ salty dog

12"--» minimal-funky
get physical music 035

a - orion
b - salty dog

the 35th release by get physical music is the return of Sunsetpeople to the label after the track "mifune" (GPM016).
side A (orion) is the "club side"; with a very one-of-a-kind groovy beat that reminded me the first record of sunsetpeople by physical(GPM002); this is a track that builds itself with the help of effects, gains and breaks trough the exact time and in the exact moment.
side B (salty dog) is a more selective track that not everyone will enjoy..but those who will i´m sure that are going to let their bodys follow a subtle progressive effect that runs during the entire track. this "alternative" side starts with water falling..dogs barking..(andre kraml used elephants on "safari"remixed by kiki&the silversurfer(crosstown rebels 015) sunsetpeople used dogs..) and suddenly the beat comes out from nowhere and the subtile effect starts to show from the midle of the other elements in this track. in resume is a good record, very "physical" ,that stays in the gender sunsetpeople always showed.


Ricardo Villalobos - Ach so

12" -->> Minimal Tech House
Cadenza oo8

a1 - Ichso (11:58)
a2 - Duso (11:19)
b1 - Erso (12:48)
b2 - Sieso (13:44)

"Only Ricardo Villalobos terms a four-track fifty-minute mind-melt an EP. That last hypenation, though, is the key. No mere 12” is going to actually melt minds. Sear it, maybe. Opener “Ichso” comes close—placing a bassline and murky echo pattern underneath two competing flamenco guitar (?) lines. “Duso” takes the beat up for its length, and pushes the melody far below the surface, instead focusing on the infinite possibilities created by miniscule droplets of watery delay. “Erso” reminds of little else besides Autechre’s most recent excursions into complete abstraction while somehow maintaining an eye on the dance floor , while “Sieso” may be as close as he’s come to another “Dexter” since its release. Is there a more fascinatingly dense artist working in dance music today?" (in stylusmagazine.com)
I'm still not able to do ricardo's reviews... Lots of classic guitar, lots of hypnotic feelings, full lenth melodic tracks, progressive tunes, everything we are used to in his production!


dj T live@lux

last saturday dj T (get physical music) simply burned up -LUX- at lisbon!creating a fantastic atmosphere with a minimal-electro-funky ( just like that: hard to define..) set that let everyone expecting his next visit to our country!a nice warm-up provided by rui vargas was the perfect start to what revealed to be a great night!
Thomas Koch - aka dj T - beginned to select some tracks that let everyone in a great mood and slowly started to amuse everyone (including himself) with great beats ; breaks and noisy acid effects..T sayed goodbye 3 times that night..the first one the aplause and madness of the crowd on the dancefloor didn´t let him go and "made" him play for more time and when he sayed goodbye for the second time the story repeated and more tracks made everyone fly...the sun was high and the ray of lights were filling the club when T finally left the booth and received the aplause of everyone who was still there (and we were many!!!) in the memory stays the image of dj T staring to the great view that -LUX- location provides over rio tejo..and an almoust certain "i will come back" written on his face..very soon..we hope..

Alter Ego - Gate 23 / Daktari (remixes)

12" --> Minimal
klang 099

a1 - Gate 23 (Alter Ego Dub) (5:31)
b1 - Gate 23 (Isolee remix) (5:46)
b2 - Daktari (Matt John's Daktatrick 17 remix) (7:03)

Alter Ego are Roman Flügel & Jörn Elling Wuttke, two wicked producers that have done an amazing reproduction of Gate 23 a dark suble track that takes us to neurotic feelings, this is not a track to be listened in the clubs, i think you would prefer to hear it in a long trip in the car alone... The Isolee completes the first remix, it smoods down the pressure and brings up the tripy enjoyable feelings that you like to feel in a music! After works by Ricardo Villalobos, Robag Wruhme and others , The Daktari remix by Matt John is full of snares and crazy hit hats remindes you a lot marc houle, a dynamic minimal track perfect to complete this "not-for-the-jetclubs" 12 inch.

Misc - Hey Du!

12" --> Minimal Tech House
klang 098

a1 - Hey Du (5:07)
b1 - Dead Phones (6:10)

b2 - Why Dont you listen (5:03)

Listen a sample of the album here

After the release of their album - "like morning in your eyes" - on Sender Records misc is back with another great production this time on klang elektronik. Hey Du has a strong kick full of bassy underground, very powerfull with all the condiments required in a dancefloor track. Dead Phones leaves you to other fields, more green, more nice, with a deep groove great for relaxing after the first one! Why Dont you listen is the hypnotic track of the 12" inch showing that misc are in great shape.


Ten tracks for the rainy days...

Wighnomy Brothers - Bombat [komex 031]
Adam Kroll - Aeugler [traum cd 017]
Traffic Signs - Hold It [ts 007]
Alex Under - El Arado Adorado [trapez cd 05]
Efdemin - School of Velocity [dial 024]
Bruno Pronsato - Zero Invention [telegraph 021]
Ryan Crosson - Painters Day [trapez ltd 036]
Egoexpress - Aranda (Egoexpress remix) [ladomat 2173]
Lawrence - Winter Green (Audiovision remix) [dial 021]
Justin Maxwel - Die Invasion der Taschenkrebse [traum 063v]

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